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voestalpine AG
High Performance Metals Division
voestalpine Böhler Aerospace GmbH & Co KG - (Austria)
Mariazellerstraße 25, 8605 Kapfenberg
voestalpine Böhler Bleche GmbH & Co KG - (Austria)
Böhler-Gasse 1, 8680 Mürzzuschlag
voestalpine Böhler Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG - (Austria)
Mariazellerstraße 25, 8605 Kapfenberg
Metal Engineering
voestalpine Railway Systems Nortrak - (United States of America)
Nortrak Chicago Heights - (United States of America)
2705 South State Street, 60411 Chicago Heights
vaRS Nortrak Birmingham - (United States of America)
3930 Vallley East Industrial Drive, 35217 Birmingham
vaRS Nortrak Cheyenne
1740 Pacific Ave, 82007 Cheyenne
vaRS Nortrak CTP - (United States of America)
1803 Pacific Ave, 82007 Cheyenne
vaRS Nortrak Decatur - (United States of America)
690 E. Kenwood Ave, 62526 Decatur
vaRS Nortrak Irondale - (United States of America)
2145 Ruffner Rd, 35210 Irondale
vaRS Nortrak Newton
405 W. 1st Street, 67114 Newton
vaRS Nortrak Pueblo
2300 South Freeway, 81004 Pueblo
voestalpine Stahl Donawitz GmbH - (Austria)
Kerpelystraße 199, 8700 Leoben
Metal Forming Division
voestalpine Krems
Steel Division
voestalpine Camtec GmbH - (Austria)
voestalpine-Straße 3, 4020 Linz
voestalpine Giesserei Linz Gmbh - (Austria)
voestalpine-Straße 3, 4020 Linz
voestalpine Giesserei Traisen GmbH - (Austria)
Mariazeller Straße 75, 3160 Traisen
voestalpine Stahl GmbH - (Austria)
voestalpine-Straße 3, 4020 Linz

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*I hereby explicitly grant my permission to the voestalpine company with which I currently have a business relationship to store my personal data and the personal data of the entity I represent to a supplier portal that was registered with the data protection authority as a joint database pursuant to Section 50 of DSG 2000 (DSG = Austrian Federal Act on Personal Data Protection). All Group companies affiliated with voestalpine AG worldwide (please find an overview at www.voestalpine.com/locations), even in countries with low levels of data protection, shall be authorized in the supplier portal to display and process my data as set forth below. Group companies are joint controllers according to Art 26 General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR. The information according to Art 13, 14 GDPR can be found at the information box "More about voestalpine AG" for download. My personal data and the data of the entity I represent (hereinafter referred to as supplier) are as follows: supplier number; name and description; address; telephone and fax numbers, address information pertinent to modern communications services; company registry data; UID; D.U.N.S.; business partners within the customer's group of companies; credit rating data; lock indicators, including reason for lock; assignment of customer and supplier categories, including regional assignments; affiliation with any purchasing associations, corporations; language of correspondence, other agreements and data exchange codes; subject of the supply or service; bonuses, commissions, etc.; portfolio of services (commodity group assignment); certificate of competence and other certifications; audit documentation, quality and claims management; terms and conditions of supplies and services; financing and payment conditions; credit management data; payment and service performance data ; dunning data, lawsuit data; account and document data; data on customs clearance and transport monitoring; contact person; data on order management; deadlines and target dates; information on cooperation, status of negotiations, etc.; third-party involvement in performance of services, type of involvement; contract management; tenders and bid invitations; comparison with external data, e.g. D-U-N-S audit. The following data are forwarded and processed for all cases in which I am the designated contact person: name, address, academic title; birthdate (voluntary); supplier and product information (market sector); supplier address data; languages of correspondence; capacity/position at supplier; completed business transactions; access codes for data exchange and access to supplier management system of voestalpine; photograph (voluntary). The extent to which data are forwarded and processed is limited to the purposes of registration in the supplier portal as well as to the solicitation and execution of a contractual relationship in the interest of optimizing purchasing processes, assuring the quality of performed services as well as administering and carrying out bidding processes. Personal data are not transmitted or marketed to third-party companies without special separate approval. I confirm the correctness and binding nature of the data I have entered in the supplier portal, and I hereby allow the data in their entirety and substance to be taken into account in the vendor rating activities of the voestalpine Group. My consent can be revoked at any time by submitting to the respective purchasing organization a written confirmation of my data withdrawal. In addition to the possibility of asserting my rights pursuant to GDPR, e.g. the right of access, the right to rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability, and the right to object, vis-à-vis the Group company responsible for processing my data (Controller according to GDPR), I also reserve the right to obtain pertinent information from voestalpine AG (group-dataprotection@voestalpine.com) (see also Information according to Art 13, 14 GDPR).
I agree that JAGGAER uses the data, entered in the course of the registration on the supplier portal of voestalpine AG, of the company represented by me as well as my contact data, in an EDP-supported way, in order to allow all customers of JAGGAER Direct to have access via the JAGGAER Supplier Network.
The revocation of this declaration of consent is possible at any times and causes the illegitimacy of further use of this published data.

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